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CMC-DCS-6000 Series Platform Hardware

CMC-DCS-6000 Marine discrete control system is a platform hardware equipment for the navigation of the central ship for large-scale ship monitoring and application. This product is equipped with high performance master control module. full system scanning period is low to 10ms. and in two scanning cycles, the heat preparation is complete. and the sequence event recording function of the 1ms time resolution can be realized. Through the flexible configuration of the board, it can realize AI, AO, DI, DO, RTD, TC, SOE and other conventional hard wire interfaces, and support Modbus TCP/RTU, CAN Open, NMEA 0183 and custom protocol communication. This product supports the rapid configuration development of IEC61131-3 standard language, and provides common graphics and functional logic modules based on ship application scenarios, which can realize the rapid configuration development of interfaces and functions.

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CMC-DCS-6000 Series Platform Hardware

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