The leadership team of China Shipbuilding Corporation Limited


Approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, China State Shipbuilding Corporation and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation were reorganized to establish China State Shipbuilding Corporation. Recently, the relevant responsible comrades of the Central Organization Department announced the decision of the central government on the allocation of the leadership team of China Shipbuilding Corporation at the enterprise cadre meeting: Comrade Lei Fanpei is the chairman and secretary of the party group, and Comrade Yang Jincheng is the director, general manager and deputy party group. Secretary, Comrade Wu Yongjie serves as the director and deputy secretary of the party group (reserving the main position of the central management company), Feng Yongqiang, Qian Jianping, Sun Wei, Jiang Renfeng, and Du Gang are the deputy general managers and members of the party group. Comrade Li Jiaying is the leader of the discipline inspection and supervision team. Members of the party group, Comrade Wu Xiaoguang is the deputy general manager and member of the party group, and Comrade Jia Haiying is the chief accountant and member of the party group. The above personnel are naturally relieved from their original positions. The appointment and removal of the above-mentioned personnel from relevant positions shall be handled in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.