Good news! CSSC won the Silver Award in the 2019 Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition


On May 24th, the 31st Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Contest Summary and Commendation Conference and the closing ceremony of the 8th Shanghai Staff Science and Technology Activities Festival were held. Excellent results for advanced operating methods. Among them, the new chart plotting table of CSSC Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. won the silver award.

The new chart plotting platform innovatively applies high-precision laser projection technology to project the ship's position, AIS target, navigation radar target and various navigation sensor information in the form of dynamic graphic symbols on the corresponding position of the paper chart, forming a paper chart. Using the dynamic navigation situation as the background, assist the navigator to fully grasp the navigation status of the ship; use the internal high-performance computer and automatic chart operation software to assist the navigator to efficiently carry out azimuth and distance calculation, plan route preparation, Navigation monitoring and warning, collision avoidance parameter calculation and other operations; realize the collaborative operation of paper charts and electronic charts, and improve the operational efficiency and accuracy of personnel navigation operations.