CSSC Navigation, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, was recognized as the "Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Enterprise" in 2020


In order to thoroughly implement the national intellectual property strategy, further enhance the company's ability to use intellectual property, and give full play to the role of intellectual property in the company's R&D and management Work Pilot Demonstration Unit". According to the requirements of the "Measures for the Identification and Management of Pilot Demonstration Units for Patent Work in Enterprises and Institutions in Shanghai", through expert review and other procedures, as well as a series of procedures such as deliberation by the Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Office Party Committee, and online publicity, CSSC Navigation was identified as a 2020 "Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Enterprise".

"Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Enterprise" is the qualification certification of Shanghai Intellectual Property Office for innovative backbone enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and international competitiveness that can form a typical demonstration role.

In recent years, CSSC has attached more importance to intellectual property work, and has made new breakthroughs in intellectual property work. Currently, CSSC has 24 appearance patents, 24 utility patents, 46 invention patents, and 43 national defense patents. After being identified as "Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Enterprise", CSSC will further increase investment in scientific research and intellectual property rights, continuously improve the knowledge product management system, and continuously improve the level of intellectual property creation, application, protection and management, and form a solid foundation for the company. Provide strong support for core independent innovation capabilities.