CSSC and Wärtsilä sign a strategic cooperation agreement


On the morning of September 5, 2018, at the Hamburg Maritime Exhibition in Germany, under the witness of Chairman Lei Fanpei of CSSC, Deputy General Manager Chen Qi and President of Wärtsilä Maritime, Mr. Rogge, CSSC Marine Technology Co., Ltd. The chairman of the company, Bai Xu, and Maik Stoevhase, the executive director of Wärtsilä's electrical automation integration business, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to further strengthen the cooperation between the two parties in the field of navigation and navigation products.


Wärtsilä, an internationally renowned manufacturer, focuses on advanced electrical and automation (E&A) solutions for China's growing marine and marine markets, especially in its rapidly expanding high-end cruise industry. In recent years, CSSC has actively responded to changes in the needs of the marine market, strengthened the transformation and upgrading of the group's marine and supporting industries, and focused on the development of luxury cruise ships and their power and electrical supporting industries.

In response to the group's call for high-quality development, CSSC Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. and Wärtsilä established a joint venture and cooperation on electrical systems, and established CSSC Wärtsilä Electric Automation Co., Ltd. (CWE&A). Through CWE&A, Wärtsilä provides automation, navigation and communications, dynamic positioning, electric propulsion, power distribution, entertainment, architectural lighting, safety and security to the Chinese market, as well as project engineering, project management , commissioning and supply management services.

In order to give full play to the professional advantages of CSSC Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of navigation and navigation, CSSC Navigation and Wärtsilä have reached a cooperation intention in the field of navigation and navigation, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Hamburg Maritime Exhibition. resources to promote strategic cooperation in the global marine equipment market.