CSSC Navigation III Navigation Navigation Equipment Obtained DNV-GL Type Approval Certificate


After years of technical accumulation and precipitation, CSSC has taken a solid step towards the international market. On the morning of September 5, 2018 local time in Hamburg, Germany, DNV-GL held a grand ceremony for the certification of three types of navigation products such as fiber optic compass of CSSC Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. at the International Exhibition Center in Hamburg, Germany. DNV - On behalf of GL certification body, Mr. Dudszus and Mr. Bluhm issued product type approval certificates for three types of equipment of CSSC: Doppler log, fiber optic compass and navigation radar.






The CMC-DL150 Doppler log is mainly used to provide accurate data of the longitudinal and lateral motion of the ship when the ship is sailing in narrow waterways, entering and leaving the port, docking and leaving the dock. Equipment such as charts and comprehensive navigation stations provide speed and voyage information.

CMC-ARPA-X/S X/S band navigation radar supports networking applications, realizes video signal and target information sharing, supports multiple display modes, and is widely used in various ships.

The MFC-I marine fiber optic compass can autonomously provide the ship's heading angle and motion attitude information. The device supports 30 minutes of fully autonomous north-seeking, has a long average trouble-free life, and is simple and convenient to maintain.

The above-mentioned products have successfully obtained the certification of internationally renowned classification societies, which indicates that the series of marine navigation equipment of CSSC have fully met the requirements of international maritime standards and have the conditions to enter the international ship supporting market.